BMW is a world-renowned multinational manufacturer of vehicles and motorcycles. The group is taking a pioneering role to set concrete and ambitious CO2 targets. BMW has a long tradition of minimising its impact on nature and the environment, firm in the belief that sustainability is the future of the automobile industry. The combination of product excellence and sustainability is indeed a hallmark of the brand.

Renewable Energy Consumption Meter

BMW sources 100% renewable electricity for its locations across the globe in 2022. The sources of this electricity include hydropower, solar and biogas.

Renewable Energy Sourcing Philosophy

BMW’s goal is to have the most sustainable supply chain in the industry. BMW has sourced 100% renewable electricity for its locations worldwide since 2020, and plans to meet a growing percentage of its energy needs through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in the future. Having joined the RE100 initiative in 2015, BMW is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to ambitious renewable energy targets.

The production of renewable electricity is certified by Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). These are the accepted legal instrument through which claims of renewable energy generation and consumption are substantiated in the global renewable energy market. There are different types of EAC for different regions of the world, and they are all in compliance with the quality criteria set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the latest Scope 2 guidance document.