TrackMyElectricity customers help bring renewable electricity to another remote school in Burma

On 17th August 2016, Solbakken finished installing a 4-panel solar system for Naw Lah Ah Tah School in Karen State, Burma.

Naw Lah Ah Tah School is located in remote Hpa An District, Hling Bwe Township, Karen State, Burma and is a home to more than 150 students aged 5-17 yrs. On the 8th of August Solbakken team started the installation of solar panel system for the school. All the equipment had to be transported by boats since the region suffers from the lack of suitable roads and abundant landmines. Moreover, the team had to work through harsh monsoon conditions and heavy rains and it took them nine days to completely finish the installation.

Bringing electricity to the area has not only created a safe living and learning environment for students, but also opened opportunities for better living conditions and future for the whole region. The newly installed solar panels provide four student dormitories, bathrooms, teacher houses, kitchen and the dining hall with clean and sustainable power. Finally, students got access to decent study environment and it became possible for them to study during evening hours. The school can now hold evening courses for adults, which is a significant step towards development of the community.

Installation of solar panels for Naw Lah Ah Tah School became another milestone in the project for providing Remote Schools on Thai-Burmese border with electricity. The activity was made possible thanks to funding from Norges arktiske studentsamskipnadBig Fish and DNV GL.

Please click on the photo gallery below to view the images from transportation, installation and the final outcome of the project.