Norges arktiske studentsamskipnad is a welfare organization for students at Norwegian Arctic university (UiT) and University Center in Svalbard (UNIS).
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Private: Øvre Forsland

Øvre Forsland is the most beautiful power plant in Norway and possibly the world. Thanks to its award-winning, stylish design, the building organically blends into surrounding landscapes and compliments the beauty of Norwegian nature.

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant
Attributes Enviromental / Local impact, New Plant (< 3 years)

Havøygavlen Windpark

Located 100 km west of the North cape, Havøygavlen is the world’s northernmost wind park and has proved to be an excellent testing ground for both the developers and the turbine makers.

Location Norway
Technology Wind
Attributes Re-investment, Re-use


Alta powerplant is located in Alta municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. It has two units with an installed capacity of 100 and 50 MW and an average annual production of about 655 GWh. Sourcing facilitated by Statkraft.

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant

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