Bringing Solar Power to Remote Schools in Karen State, Burma


Project Updates

APRIL 12, 2015

Installation of solar panels for one of the schools “Kaw Lah Hai School” was initiated based on funding provided by Bergen Energi. The Kaw Lah Hai School is located in eastern Karen State and is attended by 198 students, many of which come from neighboring or far away villages to receive an education. For the duration of the school year, about 98 students reside in basic bamboo dormitories with no running water or power.

MAY 18, 2015

Solbakken finished installing a 4-panel solar system that provides power for the Kaw Lah Hai school, two dormitories, kitchen, toilets, office, and the teachers house. By providing solar energy to the Kaw Lah Hai School, Bergen Energi has empowered the students by creating an enhanced learning environment and a safe living area.

JUNE 7, 2016

Solbakken undertook a maintenance trip to Karen state, Burma, to check on the solar system installed at Kaw Lah Hai School one year ago. They were glad to report back that the solar panels are in a good state and operating well supplying the school and the dormitories with sufficient power.

AUGUST 17, 2016

Solbakken finished installing a 4-panel solar system for Naw Lah Ah Tah School attended by 150 students. The newly installed solar panels provide four student dormitories, bathrooms, teacher houses, kitchen and the dining hall with clean and sustainable power. Students got access to decent study environment and it became possible for them to study during evening hours.

November 20, 2017

Planning for installation of solar panels at a third school in Burma was initiated based on funding provided by Norges Arktiske Studensamskipnad. Installation is scheduled to begin in April 2018.

July 15, 2018

Solbakken finished installing solar panels at two schools in Klee Moe Kee and Mae Poe Kee in Karen State, Burma. The second school was jointly funded by Mitthem, SKIFU, Breeze AS and Danish schools- Gladsaxe and Københaven Åbne Gymnasium. The installed solar power will benefit over 240 students by providing them with a safe living and learning environment.

Local Partner: SOLBAKKEN