The German automotive manufacturing company Continental has since its founding in 1871 offered safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic, and transportation. Continental develops innovative technologies and services for the purpose of sustainably and efficiently ensuring the mobility of people and goods. By putting sustainability and social responsibility at the core of its values, Continental ensures that its positive ambitions are directly translated into its strategy. The company and its value chain partners are for 2050 aiming to be 100% carbon neutral, emission-free, and fully encompassed in a responsible value chain through a circular economy. Continental is striving to be pioneering and innovative, not only by setting trends and creating technologies for future mobility, but also through its comprehensive roadmaps for sustainability action – clearly paving a way into the future.
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Havøygavlen Windpark

Located 100 km west of the North cape, Havøygavlen is the world’s northernmost wind park and has proved to be an excellent testing ground for both the developers and the turbine makers.

Location Norway
Technology Wind
Attributes Re-investment, Re-use

Danish Wind

Denmark has been a pioneer in developing commercial wind power both on and offshore, and has currently the highest proportion of wind power in the world. The Danish wind power industry has benefited from close collaboration between public-financed research and the private industry in key areas such as certification, testing and developing of standards during the past decade.

Location Denmark
Technology Wind

Danish Solar

Solar power is a vital part of Denmark's target of 100% renewable energy by 2050. Together with wind, It is already a crucial part of the country's renewable electricity supply, supplying 1.2 TWh in 2020. By promoting innovative solutions and being at the forefront of new technologies, Denmark has positioned itself as a laboratory for the development and growth of renewable energy solutions.

Location Denmark
Technology Solar