Strengthening Livelihoods of Last mile communities left behind in the Kenyan energy revolution

Strengthen and diversify livelihoods for up to 90 households (450 people) in Sika, Mirunda and Ragwe villages, by adding 90 new electricity connections to newly installed solar microgrids.

Community-owned Solar Microgrids for Last Mile Communities

Solar micro-grid installations provide benefits over the long-term because we ensure they are community-owned, managed and operated through the creation of a Community Energy Management Committee (CEMC). Installations are initially grant-funded but the ongoing cost of energy is met by an energy payment system, through which income generated from the sale of metered electricity is reinvested by the community in the maintenance, operation and repair of the micro-grid. Each microgrid has an expected life of circa 20 years.

Equipping communities with the skills, knowledge and expertise to manage and safe-guard their energy system is central to our way of working and sets our project apart from other renewable energy providers. Our project will strengthen and diversify livelihoods for up to 60 households (300 people) in Sika and Mirunda villages, by adding 60 new electricity connections to newly installed solar microgrids, thereby optimising the capacity of these microgrids, (which are already supporting 31 and 28 connections respectively) and building capacity for micro-enterprise development. The project outcomes are as follows:

One: Increased number of households accessing renewable energy.
Two: Increased number of individuals developing micro-enterprise using renewable energy.
Three: Increased capacity of small entrepreneurs to develop micro-enterprise.
Four: Increased capacity of the CEMCs, in preparation for completing transition of microgrid ownership.


Renewable World was established in 2007 with the aim of empowering energy poor communities to develop sustainable livelihoods trough the provision of renewable energy systems. They work through partners to provide renewable energy services to the energy poor where financial or geographical barriers prevent public or private sector solutions being effective.

Renewable World has supported small scale energy projects across East Africa since 2008. Recently, we have focused on improving access to renewable energy for fishing communities through our Lighting up Lake Victoria programme. This began in 2013 with the Comic Relief-funded ‘Renewable Energy Solutions for Lake Victoria Ecosystems’ (RESOLVE), and later, the ‘Energy Hubs Project’ since 2017.

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