Paracatu Distillery

The Vale do Paracatu Distillery has the installed capacity to process more than 1.5 million tons of sugarcane per harvest.

Rodovia, Brazil


Sugar cane biomass


Environmental impact, Local impact

Producing electricity since



Destilaria Vale Do Paracatu - Agroenergia S.A.

Estimated annual generation

65 GWh

Total capacity

28 MW

The Vale do Paracatu Distillery – Agroenergia S.A. (DVPA), located in the Municipality of Paracatu, in the northwest of Minas Gerais, has installed capacity to process more than 1.5 million tons of sugarcane per harvest. The inaugural harvest in 2010 saw 590,000 tons of sugarcane processed; this number rose to 1 371 000 tons in 2021. The distillery is fitted with center pivot irrigation and sprinkler cannons in 70% of the area, allowing for 100% mechanized agriculture.

The industrial process uses modern technology and the operational results, both in the production of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol and in the cogeneration of electric energy, fall within the process of natural evolution for companies in this segment.


On the environmental level, DVPA is working on mitigating temperature rise solutions. The plant is currently able to supply green hydrogen in whatever form is required: Ethanol (C2H6) or Biomethane (CH4). Plans for the future include furthering the development of green hydrogen production, as well as introducing green urea.

Proactivity, commitment and teamwork form the core of DVPA. We aim to foster key skills such as communication, creativity, problem-solving and discipline.

Social impact

DVPA offers a Trainee program, which provides professional opportunities to young graduates in the region. It consists of two phases.

During the first year, the graduates are introduced to all areas of the company. They are trained and receive support to develop their skills. Individuals with high potential are encouraged, at the beginning of their professional careers, to develop their managerial and planning skills.

During the second year, trainees are encouraged to pursue their development with help from regular follow-up from the company. They are given the opportunity to execute tasks in the various areas of activity. Meanwhile, DVPA work on retaining individuals and train them to assume leadership positions.

Through this program, DVPA aims to help develop a skilled workforce in the Minas Gerais region.