Doña Carmen Solar power plant

Doña Carmen is a 40 MW installed power plant, located in La Ligua, Valparaíso Region in Chile, which has been delivering clean energy to the system since December 2017.

La Ligua, Chile




Environmental Impact, Local Impact

Producing electricity since

December 2017


WEG Fund Administrator

Total capacity

40 MW

Before starting construction, it obtained its Environmental Impact Qualification Resolution in 2015. The plant belongs to the WEG Fund Administrator, dedicated to the management of alternative assets, and, in particular, to the WEG-4 Renewable Energies fund. Its partners have more than 30 years of experience in the electrical sector in Chile.

The closest town is the city of La Ligua, 2.5 km away, known for the sale of candies and making fabrics. When inspecting the land for its construction, no archaeological remains of any kind were detected. Since its inception, Doña Carmen has had a commitment to the environment and has established actions to mitigate emissions into the atmosphere, such as humidification of land and roads, maximum circulation speed within the plant and prohibition of burning waste.
Furthermore, it has always been a priority not to interfere with the native fauna, to ensure its preservation. Some of the species that can be found in the area are the culpeo fox and various birds.

Additionally, there is a native forest reforestation plan at the end of the project’s useful life.