Alex Photovoltaic Solar Complex

The Alex photovoltaic solar complex is comprised of 811 000 solar panels – covering an area the size of 1 300 football fields.

Ceará, Brazil




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Producing electricity since



Elera Renováveis

Total capacity

360 MWp

Elera’s first Brazilian solar park, the Alex Photovoltaic Solar Complex, was inaugurated in August, one month ahead of plan. It is located in Ceará between the municipalities of Limoeiro do Norte and Tabuleiro do Norte.

The photovoltaic plant has an installed capacity of 360 MWp thanks to nine photovoltaic generating plants and 811 000 solar panels. It thus has the capacity to provide approximately 1 million people with electricity.

Covering an area of approximately 933.57 hectares (the equivalent of 1 300 football fields) the Alex Complex prevents 1.8 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Socio-economic impact

The Alex Photovoltaic Solar Complex has led to the creation of almost 4 000 direct and indirect jobs, about 70% of which represent local labor.

In addition, plans for the future include the implementation of a photovoltaic system that will supply 100% of the monthly electricity consumption of the Celestina Colares Philanthropic Hospital in Tabuleiro do Norte. This is expected to yield savings of about USD 34 254/year for the institution.

In this way, Elera is committed to improving not just the environment, but also the quality of life for the locals.

The State of Ceará is economically benefiting from the implementation of renewable projects, as this is leading to one of the highest rates of GDP growth of all the Brazilian states. According to the Secretary of Economic Development, Maia Júnior, this is the consequence of “the new policy of development focused on reducing social inequality.” “We’re harvesting the fruits of hard work, particularly in attracting investment, creating employment and opening new companies,” he said.