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Saudefaldene makes extensive efforts to keep its environmental impact negligible and minimise impact on surrounding landscape and ecology due to production of hydropower.



Saudefaldene was established over 100 years ago and since then it has provided a safe and stable workplace for many generations in the Sauda community.


The powerplant at Saudefaldene was founded in 1913 - more than 100 years ago. Browse through the image gallery to take a glimpse through the plant's history.



The hydropower development in Sauda has contributed to a positive development for the local community in a century. The rubble generated as a result of excavation of tunnels for Sønnå was utilized for innovative and charitable purposes instead of being dumped in a landfill. A part of the resulting rock mass was leveled and covered with fine sediment and fertile soil to create a well-tended farmland.

BEFORE: the rubble from excavated tunnels being used to create an aesthetic landscape

AFTER: the resulting well-tended landscape after development

The remainder of rock and ballast was used for building roads and other community projects. Approximately 100 000 m³ of stone was utilized to support the construction of communal sports facilities such as a ski slope, golf course, a bicycle path, and creating a noise reducing barrier around the motocross track in the area.

BEFORE: Left-over rubble being used to create a community Golf Course

AFTER: Finished community Golf Course after development