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A proof that technology and nature can co-exist beautifully together, Aurland is one of Norway's most beautiful & visited tourist areas despite hosting one of the largest hydroplants in the country.


New technology generates new power.

The raindrops that fall on Aurland’s panoramic highlands are converted into the energy required to maintain our modern lifestyle. Paradoxically, our mountains are also our production sites. The power stations here in Aurland are still among the most successful development projects in modern times.

However, these development projects were to prove even more important for Norway. The expertise acquired there was actually parlayed into a valuable Norwegian export. The knowledge and expertise developed in working with concrete and mountain technology turned out to be fundamental to Norway’s petroleum industry, which was initially based on cast concrete platforms.


All energy production leaves a footprint on the environment. For example, hydropower production encroaches on the environment during construction. Nowadays, construction work is carried out carefully to allow nature to recover rapidly once a facility has been completed.

Results for spawning stock counts  for Salmon for the period 2009 – 2014

Results for spawning stock counts for Sea Trout for the period 2009 – 2014