Green-e energy certification

Green-e® Energy certifies clean energy sold to consumers and businesses that want to reduce the environmental impact of their electricity use in North America.

The U.S. currently does not have a national registry of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) issued. The non-profit Center for Resource Solutions administers a voluntary Green-e Energy program which ensures that RECs are properly accounted for and that no double counting takes place. Green-e Energy certifies renewable energy that meets the highest standards in North America: it must be generated from new facilities, marketed with complete transparency and accuracy, and delivered to the purchaser, who has sole title. Green-e verifies the entire chain of custody of certified renewable energy from generation to retirement  through a Verification Process Audit to ensure individuals and businesses are getting exactly what they paid for.

Green-e Energy certifies many renewable energy options, including:

  • REC products
  • REC purchases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) with generators and on-site generation, through Green-e Direct.
  • RECs and Renewable Electricity sold to government agencies to comply with Executive Order 13693, through the Green-e Energy Federal Option
  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) (also called Municipal Aggregation) programs
  • Competitive Electricity Products
  • Utility Green Pricing Programs.

Green-e is recommended or required in leading environmental standards like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), The Climate Registry (TCR), B Corporation, Cradle to Cradle, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and others.