Switch to 100% renewable electricity

Reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing renewables without having to change your suppliers

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Make an Direct Impact

Help create more renewable energy than you consume helping alleviate energy poverty where it's most needed

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Communicate your energy choice

Demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy sourcing and your support for direct impact projects in an effective and interesting manner

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Track my Electricity was cited in GHG protocol's Scope II guidance (2015) as one of the best practice examples of green energy concepts that help companies go one step further and directly contribute to the growth of new low-carbon energy projects.

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What is Track my Electricity

Track my Electricity helps corporate energy consumers source renewable electricity reliably and transparently from power plants of their choice. For every MWh of clean energy sourced through the site, €0,10 goes towards funding renewable energy projects in remote, off-grid areas to eliminate energy poverty and build sustainable communities. Businesses can not only reduce their organizational footprint significantly, but also demonstrate direct impact in support and acceleration of renewable energy growth.

Renewable Energy Plants

Across the globe based on attributes that matter to you the most

Zero carbon electricity

Sourced for our partners over the last nine years.

Directly impacted

through solar panel installations through projects


Electricity generation accounts for over 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions world-wide and half of these emissions are caused by companies’ electricity consumption. This contributes in making the local and global economy even more fragile towards the consequences of climate change. Accounting for the negative impacts of electricity consumption is increasingly becoming an integrated part of corporate strategic focus.

Ready-to-publish energy emission reports and communication materials that can be integrated seamlessly into annual publications or used as part of marketing and branding narrative for the company.


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