Lørenskog kommune is an inland municipality located in the Akershus county near Oslo. Home to approximately 40 000 inhabitants in 2019, it is a fast developing community driven by values of openness, trust and tolerance.
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Klemetsrud CHP

Efficient and safe waste-to-energy plant that recycles approx. 310 000 tons of business and household waste annually to produce eco-friendly electricity and heat.

Location Norway
Technology Biomass
Attributes Enviromental / Local impact


Vamma power station is Norway's largest run-of-river hydropower station located on the country's longest river Glomma. Taking in water from an area the size of Switzerland, the plant produces 1 600 GWh of hydroelectricity annually. The plant first started operations in 1915 and has since been upgraded several times.

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant
Attributes Eco-label, Re-investment

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