NXP is a global company that specialises in the production of semiconductors, whose mission is to make the world safer and more interconnected through technological innovation. NXP has set a number of ESG goals, including that of being carbon neutral by 2035, with an intermediary goal of a 35% reduction in carbon emissions by 2027. NXP has also committed to the SBTi.
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Green Lagoon Technology Biogas Plants

Green Lagoon Technology is a leading biogas power plant company in Malaysia. These four power plants are located in Trong, Perak; Nibong Tebal, Penang; Muadzam Shah, Pahang; and Banting, Selangor. With a combined installed capacity of 5.5 MW, they generate 37,138 MWh per year.

Location Malaysia
Technology Biogas
Attributes Enviromental / Local impact, New Plant (< 3 years)

Chinese Hydro

China is the global leader in hydropower generation, capacity and development. The country's installed hydropower capacity is 370,160 MW, including 31,490 MW pumped storage, and its hydropower generation is 1,355 TWh (2020).

Location China
Technology Hydroplant

Thai Biomass

The total cumulative installed capacity for biomass power plants in Thailand is 2,727 MW as of February 2016 including off-grid and on-grid installations.

Location Thailand
Technology Biomass

Malaysia Hydro

Hydropower in Malaysia accounts for 20% of all feasible generation potential and is therefore set to expand in the coming years. It is also essential for the Malaysian efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions intensity of GDP by 45% by 2030. As Malaysia draws on vast resources of hydropower due to high mean elevation combined with enough precipitation, this enables the country to reap the benefits of hydro as a key catalyst to drive and accelerate socio-economic growth.

Location Malaysia
Technology Hydroplant

Malaysian Biomass

Malaysia has tremendous biomass and wood waste resources available for immediate exploitation. The country produces at least 168 million tonnes of biomass, including timber and oil palm waste, rice husks, coconut trunk fibres, municipal waste and sugar cane waste annually.

Location Malaysia
Technology Biomass

Norwegian Hydro

Hydropower has played a crucial role in Norway ever since being the springboard for the country's industrialisation in the 19th century. To this day, it remains the central pillar of Norway's power system: with 33,000 MW of installed capacity, it accounts for more than 95% of the country's electricity generation (125 TWh per year).

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant