MS&AD is a Japanese insurance group that operates across five business domains: domestic non-life insurance, domestic life insurance, international, financial services and risk-related services. In all of MS&AD’s business operations, sustainability remains a paramount concern, guiding their goal of contributing to the development of a vibrant society and helping to secure a future for the planet.
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PCH Eletro César

PCH Eletro César is a hydropower plant from Grupo BC Energia. With an estimated annual generation of 122.0 GWh/year, this hydropower plant located in the Amazon rainforest is the second-largest generator of renewable electricity in the Brazilian state of Rondônia.

Location Brazil
Technology Hydroplant
Attributes Enviromental / Local impact

Green Lagoon Technology Biogas Plants

Green Lagoon Technology is a leading biogas power plant company in Malaysia. These four power plants are located in Trong, Perak; Nibong Tebal, Penang; Muadzam Shah, Pahang; and Banting, Selangor. With a combined installed capacity of 5.5 MW, they generate 37,138 MWh per year.

Location Malaysia
Technology Biogas
Attributes Enviromental / Local impact, New Plant (< 3 years)

Indonesian Hydro

Indonesia has tremendous potential for hydropower. There is already 5,886 MW of installed capacity, which generates over 17 TWh of electricity per year, but Indonesia's potential is estimated at 75,000 MW. The development of hydropower will be driven in part by the government’s target to increase the share of renewables in the country’s total energy use to 23% by 2025.

Location Indonesia
Technology Hydroplant

Vietnamese Hydro

Hydropower installed capacity in Vietnam is 16.76 GW, and generation is 51.98 TWh (2019). The government's strategy to prioritize renewable energy means it expects a total installed power capacity of 125-130 GW by 2030.

Location Vietnam
Technology Hydroplant

Thai Solar

Thailand is endowed with abundant solar energy resources across the country, with more solar power capacity than all the rest of Southeast Asia combined. Its total installed solar PV generating capacity increased tenfold in the first half of the 2010s, which is promising for Thailand's 2036 solar PV target of 6000 MW capacity.

Location Thailand
Technology Solar

Chinese Hydro

China is the global leader in hydropower generation, capacity and development. The country's installed hydropower capacity is 370,160 MW, including 31,490 MW pumped storage, and its hydropower generation is 1,355 TWh (2020).

Location China
Technology Hydroplant

Norwegian Hydro

Hydropower has played a crucial role in Norway ever since being the springboard for the country's industrialisation in the 19th century. To this day, it remains the central pillar of Norway's power system: with 33,000 MW of installed capacity, it accounts for more than 95% of the country's electricity generation (125 TWh per year).

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant

USA Hydro

Hydropower is the second largest source of renewable electricity in the USA, having been overtaken by wind in 2019. With a total installed capacity of over 100 GW, the USA is, according to the International Hydropower Association, the third largest producer of hydropower in the world, after Brazil and China (2021).

Location USA
Technology Hydroplant