Lørenskog kommune

Lørenskog kommune is an inland municipality located in the Akershus county near Oslo. Home to approximately 40 000 inhabitants in 2019, it is a fast developing community driven by values of openness, trust and tolerance.
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Renewable Energy Consumption Meter

Lørenskog kommune sources and consumes 100% renewable electricity from power plants located in the Eastern region of Norway. 

The production of renewable electricity is certified by Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). These are the accepted legal instrument through which claims of renewable energy generation and consumption are substantiated in the global renewable energy market. There are different types of EAC for different regions of the world, and they are all in compliance with the quality criteria set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the latest Scope 2 guidance document.



Solar energy for community resilience in Nepal (SECURE)

Over 2 750 people in three villages in Surkhet, Nepal, are still living with the impact of the 2014 floods. The project aims to increase community resilience to economic and climatic stresses in this rural off-grid community through the use of innovative renewable energy technology.

Project funding is secured.