Banco Falabella

Banco Falabella started its operations in 1998, and has since then functioned through its mission of making people’s aspirations possible, improving their quality of life, and exceeding their expectations through an integrated offer of financial services. Banco Falabella envisions to be the people`s preferred company by simplifying the lives of people in Latin America, done by transforming their shopping experience. Falabella strives to achieve a profound cultural transformation and a new business approach, based on living and promoting their corporate values and principles. Through their annual sustainability report, Falabella shows a commitment to contribute to the quality of life of people, their communities, and to take care of the natural environment wherever they are involved.

Renewable Energy Consumption Meter

Banco Falabella sourced 100% renewable electricity for its consumption in 2021

The production of renewable electricity is certified by Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). These are the accepted legal instrument through which claims of renewable energy generation and consumption are substantiated in the global renewable energy market. There are different types of EAC for different regions of the world, and they are all in compliance with the quality criteria set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the latest Scope 2 guidance document.