Aviva is a multinational insurance company that offers a variety of insurance types, from car and home insurance, to pensions, to investments and savings. Based in the UK, Aviva’s core markets also include Ireland and Canada. It is the UK’s largest life insurer with a 25% share of the market, representing a customer base of over 11 million. Aviva’s ambitions extend to sustainability, too: in 2021, it became the first UK insurance and financial services provider to set a target of net-zero by 2040. Its commitment to sustainability is reflected in its business practices: in addition to striking a charity partnership with major conservation organisation WWF, Aviva offers a range of green products and services as well as sustainable finance options.
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Canadian Hydro

Canada is the fourth-largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world, and sources over 60% of its electricity from hydro - with some provinces sourcing over 90% of their electricity from hydro. Canada possesses 81 GW of installed hydro capacity, producing 400 TWh of electricity per year.

Location Canada
Technology Hydroplant

Indian Hydro

India is the 7th largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world and also ranks 3rd worldwide by its total number of dams. The country has around 41,000 MW of installed hydropower capacity, while an additional 13,000 MW is under construction.

Location India
Technology Hydroplant

Norwegian Hydro

Hydropower has played a crucial role in Norway ever since being the springboard for the country's industrialisation in the 19th century. To this day, it remains the central pillar of Norway's power system: with 33,000 MW of installed capacity, it accounts for more than 95% of the country's electricity generation (125 TWh per year).

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant