REITAN CONVENIENCE SWEDEN AB (RCS) is the franchisor for the store concepts Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven in Sweden. Our basic philosophy is that a visit to our stores should be fast, easy and convenient and that our customers should find what they are looking for. Through proud and successful franchisees and employees, as well as our major investment in sustainability, the goal is that our customers will have a better everyday life. Now and in the future. RCS is owned by the Norwegian family company REITAN, which operates in the grocery, service and distribution business areas in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
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Havøygavlen Windpark

Located 100 km west of the North cape, Havøygavlen is the world’s northernmost wind park and has proved to be an excellent testing ground for both the developers and the turbine makers.

Location Norway
Technology Wind
Attributes Re-investment, Re-use

Nedre Fiskumfoss

Nedre Fiskumfoss is a run-of-river hydro power plant located in Grong in central Norway.
The plant exploits a fall at Fiskumfossen on the river Namsen. Fiskumfoss used to be a popular place to come fishing for Britons. Today the waterfall has a salmon ladder, built partly inside and outside the waterfall to allow the salmon to move up the river
Annual Production: 302 GWh
Installed Capacity: 41,5 MW

Photo: Sigrun Pernille Elstad

Location Norway
Technology Hydroplant
Attributes Eco-label, Re-investment