AAK is a Swedish company that specialises in plant-based oils that enhance the flavour and texture of many popular food products, such as chocolate, pastry and plant-based meat substitutes. Sustainability is a core value at AAK around which the company’s activities are based, from sustainably sourcing raw materials to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy Consumption Meter

AAK sources 100% renewable electricity for its operations in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The source of this electricity is Norwegian hydropower.

Renewable Energy Sourcing Philosophy

AAK has set several sustainability goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity, preventing deforestation and investing in reforestation throughout its entire supply chain. In addition, to guide its sustainability strategy, the company has set Science Based Targets, all of which align with the 1.5 degree scenario. By 2030, AAK aims to have achieved a 50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions from a 2019 base year.

The production of renewable electricity is certified by Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). These are the accepted legal instrument through which claims of renewable energy generation and consumption are substantiated in the global renewable energy market. There are different types of EAC for different regions of the world, and they are all in compliance with the quality criteria set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the latest Scope 2 guidance document.