World Kinect Energy provides targeted energy management solutions and one-on-one support for companies focused on energy goals such as increasing efficiency, enhancing sustainability, and decreasing costs.


TrackMyElectricity© platform is developed and managed by the Sustainability team at World Kinect Energy Services. World Kinect provides end-to-end sustainability solutions from measurement and reporting of corporate carbon footprint, reduction of carbon impact through sourcing renewable energy, energy efficiency strategy to effective communication of sustainability measures and comprehensive services in related compliance markets, like the EU carbon market.

Our solutions enable businesses not only to meet mandatory requirements, but also to realize increased business opportunities, enhance brand value, retain and attract talent, and develop a strong competitive advantage.


World Kinect Energy provides the following services:

  • end-to-end sustainability solutions focusing on carbon footprint reporting, reduction and communication
  • a deep understanding of regulatory and accounting frameworks surrounding market-based tracking mechanisms
  • a global expert team dedicated to portfolio management and analysis in the markets for renewable energy certificates and carbon emissions
  • long-standing relationships with power producers and a strong network of retail, wholesale and industrial clients across the globe
  • ability to source credible, verifiable and high-quality renewable electricity on a global level


To read more about World Kinect Energy Services’ activities, please visit the main company site: https://www.world-kinect.com/.