Track my Electricity

Sourcing renewable electricity from specific power plants of your choosing, with additional impact.

For power consumers

Track my Electricity™ allows you to purchase EACs with additional transparency and impact. Source renewable energy certificates from local producers based on their unique stories and attributes and contribute to renewable energy growth through funding NGO projects for the development and electrification of remote areas.

You will then receive a unique profile of your company on Track my Electricity™ through your very own customer page, which includes your story, powerplants, and optionally supported projects. Share it at your discretion and showcase your commitment to sustainability and the global energy transition.

For power producers

Track my Electricity™ increases your visibility and allows you to connect with our vast range of commercial and industrial customers. Join an established network of producers and consumers, and increase the likelihood of being chosen by our customers by being featured on Track my Electricity™.

When you are featured on our platform, you receive a unique showcase of your power plant where you can boast your advantages as a power producer. Tell your unique story and highlight the specific attributes of your plant in order to increase your visibility and your chances of being found through indirect searches.

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Renewable power plants

listed on Track my Electricity™


more than 5 TWh


produced by our renewable energy partners in the past year

357 people


by the benefits of renewable energy through our additionality feature

Track my Electricity™ was cited in the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 guidance (2015) as one of the best practice examples of green energy concepts that help companies go one step further and directly contribute to the growth of new low-carbon energy projects.

In compliance with

Track my Electricity™ allows you to source EACs that are compliant with major accounting and reporting standards.

Latest news


RE100 makes two major changes to its technical criteria

In October 2022, RE100, an international initiative for grid decarbonisation on the global scale, made two major updates to its technical criteria for renewable electricity procured by its members. RE100 has redefined the European market boundary criteria and introduced a 15-year limit on commissioning and repowering dates of power plants from which members source electricity. In addition, RE100 has specified that hydropower should now be sourced “sustainably,” which can be proven through third-party certification.