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Lemvig Biogas

Lemvig Biogas has been the largest biogas plant in Denmark since 1992. It utilises waste and residual products (fish, organic household, pharmaceutical wastes, etc) to generate heat and power from approx. 75 farms. This results in a good economy both for the plant and for the households consuming the heat as well as helping the degradation of pollutants. The biogas plant generates more than 33 million kWh electricity per year – covering the annual electricity consumption for 22,000 people.

Location Denmark
Technology Biomass

Danish Wind

Denmark has been a pioneer in developing commercial wind power both on and offshore, and has currently the highest proportion of wind power in the world. The Danish wind power industry has benefited from close collaboration between public-financed research and the private industry in key areas such as certification, testing and developing of standards during the past decade.

Location Denmark
Technology Wind

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